We understand how difficult it can be to find companies who can provide the services you are looking for. Often, you may find a web designer who can handle some components of your site, but not all. Or maybe an IT company to handle network and server administration, but no user support. Or assistance with circuits and telephony… the list goes on and on. Wolff systems can assist you with more than most IT Consulting companies. Although networking and server administration has always been the foundation Wolff Systems is based on, we have added additional services over the years to expand the services we can assist with. For more information, please contact us and we can schedule an appointment to do a free site survey!

General IT Services

Providing general IT services is the base of our business. Since 2001, we have provided businesses with service and support necessary in day to day operations. These services can be time consuming and staffing can be a nightmare for small and medium size businesses. Outsourcing your IT can often lead to cost savings in other areas such as training, turnover and benefits. Wolff Systems is your solution… we have been providing support at all levels for our clients. From hourly support to monthly maintenance contracts, there is a level of support that is right for your company! For those with more demanding needs, we can provide staffing services that provide a regular schedule of support for end users. Please contact us to inquire on the ways we can assist you in handling all your IT service and support needs!

Managed Services

In addition to general IT service and support, Wolff Systems can provide managed services that provide capabilities well beyond that of traditional IT service and support. We can provide 24/7 service to monitor your key infrastructure and proactively solve issues before they become BIGGER issues! They key there is the “Proactive” part… often management of technology is based on the reaction to an issue. By proactively monitoring systems, you can often decrease the time spent putting out fires! Yes, allowing you to focus on your business. Our managed services can all be provided at a fraction of what a technician would cost and provides 24/7 monitoring. Click here to find out how our Managed Services can help you sleep better at night.

Web Design

Whether you are looking to build a new site or redesign an existing site, our designers can help find what you are looking for. We have completed a wide variety of projects and designs from standard websites to more advanced .NET and ASP sites. One of the most important phases in web design is the planning stage. Without thoroughly considering the various technologies and requirements of the site, you could go down the wrong path. Wolff Systems is here to help you with those decisions and help make informed decisions. In addition to web design, we also have a variety of graphic design services from professional logo design to sales media. If you would like to have a consultation on how we may be able to help, please contact us for more information!