Gmail Issues - Rejecting 365 Emails

It appears that emails sent from accounts hosted at 365 are experiencing issues sending to Gmail as of November 27th. Users will receive an NDR back stating "Message suspected as spam".  This is just an advisory for those who may experience the same issue. Some domains are hosted by Gmail, they wil

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Endpoint Management - 3rd Party Patching Activated

Our Remote Monitoring and Management system now has the ability to patch 3rd party applications! As a part of the existing Endpoint Management, devices can be configured for patching of individual third party applications such as Java, Adobe, Apple, Citrix, Google, Mozilla and more. The patching pro

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Level I Support Discontinued - Available through Endpoint Management Pricing - 01/01/2018

We have discontinued our Level 1 support pricing to the general public, however a new plan exists through our Endpoint Management pricing plans. Customers under current maintenance contracts will continue to receive the Level 1 support pricing until contract renewal dates. For more information, cont

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New Microsoft Patching Process

Well, today is the October Patch Tuesday and Microsoft will be releasing new patches for the month. It is important to understand that this will be the first roll out of their new single security patch that contains all patches in one update. The CVE's that are going to deployed are fairly large thi

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New Website Design

We have launched a new website design based off Wordpress. As we continue to update content, please check back! Some of the features you will notice? One, the site is a responsive design which will automatically resize in your browser based on the size of your desktop. This allows a better viewing e

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IT Service And Support You Can Trust

Wolff Systems was formed in 2001 and since then has been providing the highest level of IT services in Denver, Boulder and the front range. Whether you are a small, medium or large sized business, Wolff Systems specializes in assisting with managing all of your technology needs. We take pride in having the  fastest response to critical issues and deploying proactive methods to help create an IT environment that outperforms our competition. We also assist larger Fortune 500 companies by adding additional IT expertise to their existing staffs combined with managed services and monitoring systems.

Are you a smaller business and are constantly bogged down by user support or network administration? Or maybe you spend far too much time tackling technology related tasks? Our main focus is providing trustworthy IT services that get your office under control and will allow our customers to focus on other areas of their business. Our foundation rests on the trust we develop with our clients.  We also offer the leading edge of technology to provide immediate remote support… for example, we can send clients a text that would allow us to use their cell camera to show us real time video of possible issues! The limits of how we can provide you with the best consulting services reach further and further!

Worried about the costs of hiring a consultant? There are many factors that often find hiring an outside consultant to assist with your technology needs is extremely beneficial. You can custom tailor your IT support with experienced professionals without the headache of maintaining another salary on staff? Give us a call and maybe we can help take some of the complexity out of your daily routine!

For years, many small and medium size businesses have relied on Wolff Systems to provide IT support services to assist with their server and network administration. In addition to server and network administration, we also provide a diverse variety of IT areas such as carrier services (T1, Analog and other voice/data packages), telephone system sales and support, professional website design, hosting services, end user support and training and much, much more. Take a look at our business services page for more information on Denver IT support offered.

Business Services

We strive to provide the highest quality business IT products and services. By providing a diverse range of services, there is no need to handle different vendors as we can handle almost all your business IT needs.

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Web Design Services

We offer custom web design services to get your company noticed. In today’s world, companies need a web presence. While typically a marketing tool, websites have been integrated in with daily business. Whatever the need is you may have, we can usually provide a solution. Contact us for more information!

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Managed Services

Monitoring allows us to proactively manage systems and possibly detect issues before they become even bigger issues! There are different levels of monitoring available, each designed to function in a certain fashion. Please contact us to get more information on how monitoring could help your business stay on top of potential IT related issues!

Backup Solutions can provide companies with features such as regular backups all the way to high end disaster recovery functions. One of the most important and often overlooked areas in IT is backups! Without backups, you run the risk of potentially going out of business in the case of a critical event such as a fire or other disaster. Make sure you are covered for any event that could impact your business.

We also provide a wide range of other services for clients that fall under our Managed Services. From managed email to mobile device management and more… Contact us to find out what managed services may help you gain more control over your IT infrastructure.